What our customers say

Here is a small selection of quotes taken from letters and emails received from some of our many satisfied customers.

We're on our second Vantage and wouldn't have anything else.
Caroline M

It's not just the clever use of space it's also the quality...we do a lot of outdoors stuff and that leads to needing a lot of kit (particularly in winter). Vantage vans can store loads but are also robust enough to deal with the day to day of getting clothes and equipment in and out. Six years of lots of use and our van is pretty much still pristine.
Kirsty & Martin

Excellent service from every member of the team and it was such a bonus to attend the open day where we were able to see how our motorhome would be built. Such a well organised process.
Catriona & Norrie

Vantage vans are simply quality with a great team you can directly discuss things with.
Sue F

You won't look back if you buy a Vantage, quality is excellent and as a Company they are second to none. Driving and parking is no problem, we always say we can get anywhere DHL can.
Julie H

Once you've found Vantage, your search is over.
Nick H

We have had our Vantage SOL for three years. Just the right size for two especially when you go on the A roads and small villages through Europe.
Phil B

Get a Vantage! We downsized and use our van so much more now. Love it. Loads of storage and so much easier to drive and clean.
Lesley & Denis

We love our vantage SOL, now three years old and do not regret a moment. Quality excellent, and service from the whole team superb.
Shirley H

Only recently bought a NEO and have never had such good service as we have with Vantage. So good to deal with directly rather than through a dealer.
Susan R

Our SOL has cruised on motorways, tackled the steepest of mountain passes and narrow little streets, kept us warm and comfortable on frosty nights and aired us with all doors open when hot.
John and Jane