Contract – Terms & Conditions and Guarantee

I .This contract is between (I) You (name and address overleaf) and (2) Vantage Motorhomes Ltd referred to in this contract as Vantage.

2. You are agreeing to buy the motorhome and any additional accessories described on the order form overleaf referred to in this contract as the goods.

3. Vantage will endeavour to supply the goods you have ordered by the estimated collection date, but does not guarantee the estimated collection date and shall not be liable for any damages or claims of any kind if for whatever reason the estimated collection date cannot be achieved ( e.g. time off work/booking of ferries/campsites etc).

4. A deposit of 15% of the Total On The Road Price is payable when the order is placed (all deposits are non-refundable).

5. For Vantage to register the motorhome to you and for legal title to pass to you, you have to pay the Balance On Registration at least 4 weeks prior to collection (to allow time for registration, Stage 2 Type Approval, insurance and road tax).

6. The goods shall remain the property ofVantage until the Total On The Road Price has been discharged in full. A cheque will not be treated as a discharge until it has cleared.

7. In the unlikely event that any remedial work to your motorhome conversion is necessary it will be carried out under the terms of the Vantage guarantee (see below).

8. Time for payment of the Balance On Registration is of the essence and must be made when the goods are scheduled for collection. If payment of the Balance On Registration is delayed or withheld for more than 14 days Vantage reserve the right to cancel the contract, retain your deposit and dispose/sell the goods to another party. Vantage wi II not be responsible for the storage of any motorhome even if the the Total On The Road Price has been paid.

9. lf for whatever reason you cancel the contract prior to collection of the goods then you agree to forfeit your deposit ( meaning that Vantage will keep it and none of the goods will be supplied) but you will not have to pay the Balance On Registration. If for whatever reason Vantage cancel the contract whether the estimated collection date has arrived or not, your deposit will be refunded and Vantage will be under no further liability.

10. Vantage reserve the right to alter/adapt/improve their conversion specification without prior notice.

By entering into this contract with Vantage on these terms & conditions you are entitled to the benefit of the Vantage Guarantee.

The Vantage Guarantee (New motorhomes only)

This non-transferable Guarantee relates only to the motorhome conversion carried out by Vantage. Vantage does not guarantee or offer any warranty on your base vehicle.

The warranty on your base vehicle is between you and your base vehicle manufacturer directly. Any warranty work required to your base vehicle must be carried out by an authorised dealership. Vantage does not undertake this type of work.

On your conversion Vantage guarantees that it will replace or repair at its choice free of charge any part of the conversion that proves defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within a period of 2 years from the date of first registration provided that a full Vantage Habitation Service was carried out and paid for in full within the first I 2 months from registration.

The vehicle must be presented to Vantage at its premises and made available for sufficient time as is required to carry out the warranty work including if necessary time for ordering replacement parts. Vantage does not authorise any other company or persons to carry out any alterations, repairs or warranty work without prior consent given in writing. Any unauthorised work will invalidate your guarantee.

Vantage will not be liable for any expenses incurred as a result of any warranty work being required (eg fuel costs/replacement vehicle costs accommodation/time off work/booking of ferries/campsites etc). It would be expected that any non-urgent warranty work would be carried out at the annual Habitation Service.

All appliances fitted or supplied are subject to the individual manufacturers’ guarantees and Vantage does not offer any guarantee or warranty on any of these items.

Your statutory rights are not affected by anything in this contract which is the entire contract between you and Vantage. The contract terms set out the limit of your liability and the limit of Vantage’s liability.

By placing your order and deposit you agree to accept these terms & conditions.

Vantage will honour the above Guarantee provided all relevant conditions are met

Used Motorhomes

Where the goods being supplied are used (previously owned or ex-demo) it is your responsibility to examine the goods and be aware of such defects that this examination ought to reveal.

We will ensure that a full Habitation Service has been carried out prior to collection and will demonstrate that all relevant parts of the conversion are working during handover.

No warranty is given on a used motorhome either on the base vehicle or the conversion unless agreed in writing at the time of purchase.

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